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About Us

The story of Villa Celeste is the story of Sara and Martín, an accomplished couple with two small children, who decided to go in search of a natural place, where they could raise their children and earn a living.

When they arrived in Katira (a town that has access to the Celeste River), they dedicated themselves to working the land, going through different activities such as cattle ranching, the cultivation of tubers and some fruits such as pineapple. At that time they did not even imagine what would come and what life would bring them.

Because although the Rio Celeste today is one of the most visited tourist places in Costa Rica, about 10 years ago it was totally unknown, even by the people from the surrounding area.

But then, how is it that Río Celeste became such a well-known place? Sara and Martín say that before 2010 tourists came to Fortuna, where the famous Arenal Volcano is located, but in 2010 the volcano became inactive and lost part of its charm. Then the tourists began to look for other places of interest and at this point in history is where the Celeste River appears.

For that year, Sara and Martín continued with their agricultural activities, but tourists began to arrive at their farm asking for permission to access the river. At first there were few, but the charms of the Rio Celeste had their effects and the word that through Sara and Martin's house you could access a fairy-tale sky-blue watercourse spread quickly.

Without interrupting their agricultural activities, Sara and Martín built some bathrooms and a small ranch to camp, and thus be able to offer an extra service to visitors. Years passed and tourists multiplied, Sara and Martin took advantage of the flourishing tourist vein and built three cabins and a small restaurant where they offered typical dishes.

Tourism continued to grow in Rio Celeste and little by little Sara and Martín left their agricultural activity to dedicate themselves entirely to tourism.

Villa Celeste currently has 6 cabins, a camping area with bathrooms and common space, a restaurant that can receive more than 40 people and most importantly, almost a kilometer of access to the beautiful Celeste River.